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Aseer, the color of the nature and the blessing of beauty, festooned with its green views and wonders, fertile soil and moderate rainfall cliffs, has now turned to be a major tourism attraction, full of charm and elegance. It is the best tourism destination in the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East region.


Inspired of Aseer’s beauty, SYAHYA - National Company for Tourism built and launched its modern and marvelous projects such like Abha Palace Hotel, New Abha Resort, Air Port Hotel and Exhibition Center, Green Mountain Restaurant, Al-Habala Resort, Al-Sooda Resort and Al-Fara Resort,. These resorts provide full package of services and facilitates including hotel suites, apartments, rooms, rides, health clubs, sports fields, mosques, petrol stations, cafeterias, family sittings and all other related point of sales.

The company has designed and erected all necessary infrastructure and basic facilities required to host visitors and guests of the area

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